Author: Andrew Smallwood

I am a web designer by heart and am well versed in all things digital. Having run my own freelance digital agency since 2006 and worked at the University of Westminster, I'm currently immersed in the heart of the music industry at PRS for Music

Marathon training starts now

Andi Smallwood at Royal Parks Half Marathon

As ever, I applied to run the London Marathon. I need to do it just once. I need the lump of metal that you get at the end of it just to say that I did it.

It’s getting harder and harder to get in as more and more people apply. A record 414,000 people applied to run in the 2019 London Marathon.

Just like many others, I got my rejection in early October.

Discovering new/old music


One of my greatest loves is finding new music but when this music is old, it manages to find the strange paradigm that it strangely annoys me too.

This might seem weird but I’ll explain, along with some context.

I’ve recently discovered a few bands that have struck an instant chord with me.

I like a wide range of music but at my core, the heartfelt melodies of emo or similar genres of rock music still grab my attention more than others.

Ryan Air – The worst website in the world?

Ryan Air itinerary page

I could really go to town on the Ryan Air website – it’s absolutely awful. You may say that they are actually clever and have inluded ‘Dark Patterns’ within their designs but I would have to disagree.

Going on their website is like stepping back 20 years. The colours are awful, there’s no thought to the user experience and how it passes accessibility tests is beyond me.