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Apple Music

My top 3 missing Apple Music features

The three month free trial of Apple Music had come to an end for many, if, like me, you’re actually paying for the service now, there’s some new features that should be added to retain me as a paying customer.

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Booking.yeah could cause confusion

Booking.yeah campaign could confuse users

In such a competitive market as the hotel booking industry that relies on the usability of various web services, be they apps or responsive websites, I’m finding the new campaign from Wieden + Kennedy as a bit of a strange one.

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GAME and the demise of the high street

During this fading economy I’ve found my visits to the high street to be less and less frequent.

But, there were always two shops that would entice me back.

One of those was GAME. I loved browsing the new releases, checking the bargains that other gamers had completed so quickly the games were still fresh and checking out the game related merchandise.

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Squiz Matrix

Squiz Matrix installed…at last

Having worked on a platform such as Squiz Matrix for over four years, I grew accustomed to its pros and cons. Back in 2009, I was exposed to this new system after I helped to migrate the University of Westminster‘s website from old, out of date systems to a brand new installation of Matrix.

Back then, it was called Mysource Matrix and needless to say that in those early days, I made many mistakes that took additional time to fix.

After four years logging into the same system every day, I moved onto pastures new and back in time to an old version of Sharepoint. I didn’t realise that I would have a yearning to go back to Squiz Matrix but every issue I found with Sharepoint, I realised I was comparing it to the ease of use that Matrix could provide.

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Ryan Air itinerary page

Ryan Air – The worst website in the world?

I could really go to town on the Ryan Air website – it’s absolutely awful. You may say that they are actually clever and have inluded ‘Dark Patterns’ within their designs but I would have to disagree.

Going on their website is like stepping back 20 years. The colours are awful, there’s no thought to the user experience and how it passes accessibility tests is beyond me.

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Mount Kimbie - Made to Stray

Mount Kimbie – Free Download

Mount Kimbie release their new album on 27th May so in preparation for that, they are whetting our appetities with a new single called Made to Stray.

I’ve only recently discovered Mount Kimbie after analysing The XXs Night + Day lineups in an effort to find new and exciting music to listen to.

Having downloaded Crooks and Lovers and giving it a few spins, it definitely rewards repeat listens and pretty much epitomises the music I am getting into at the moment.

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What makes a Product Manager?

Product Management – buzz term or here to stay?

Having recently attended the Silicon Milkroundabout at Truman Brewery last Saturday I kept hearing about being a Product Manager and companies crying out for them.

It struck me because I’d always taken the term literally to refer to tangible products but these were all tech startups in dyer need of Product Managers to help to move them forward.

After speaking to a few reps from mind the Product, I realised that Product Management was right up my street. A little further investigation on their website and they define the role as a mashup of three important factors.

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The next Google Reader

I’m worried.

Google Reader has it’s writing on the wall and I don’t know what to do.


I have a wealth of read or starred articles in my Google Reader account, they’re all nicely organised into folders and more importantly I use Google Reader every day.

The only thing is, that I don’t actually use Google Reader every day. I use the data that it outputs but the user interface so so horrible that I would never actually sit and read Google Reader.

What do I use?


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WiiU launch – UK get ripped off again

The WiiU was announced today and although I’ve been present at every launch of every Nintendo console since the N64, I’m not too impressed with what I’ve seen so far.

Yes, it’s finally HD, it’s got a sleek design and I’m really intrigued about how the new gamepad will work.

But, I’m getting pretty sick with the UK getting ripped off again. Although the launch price in Pounds Sterling hasn’t officially been announced, popular retailers have already announced their pricing models.

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Nintendo E3 stream

Nintendo E3 live blog

6.10pm GMT

Reggie signs off the Keynote speech with another sneak peak at Nintendo Land.

5.57pm GMT

Nintendo Land announced, it will launch with the release of the WiiU.

It amalgamates many Nintendo franchises into one package. It brings together 12 different attractions. 5 are playable today.

Nintendo Land WiiU

Luigi’s Ghost Mansion will allow one player to utilise a different role in the game as the ghost. The other four players are can’t see the ghost but will be warned by a rumble in their Wii controllers.

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