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Regent Street Cinema

Regent Street Cinema

Alice Mobile Beauty

Alice Mobile Beauty

Mum said my eyes would go square if they remained glued to the TV

So I replaced the TV with a Mac in an effort to excel in the world of digital marketing. Needless to say, my eyes are still probably turning square but I've managed to help numerous businesses with their transition to embrace various forms of online media to generate sales.

My expertise ranges from web design and development, information architecture, online strategy, social media strategy, digital marketing, ecommerce websites...the list is endless.

Don't just take my word for it, browse my projects for an indepth view of my work in action.


Became an Adobe Certified Associate in Adobe Photoshop
Accredited by Hootsuite University to provide expertise in social media marketing
Concept, product design, ecommerce website and marketing strategy for a stationery brand aimed at the web design community
Produced an in-house strategy for Pay-Per-Click advertising saving over £10,000 in agency fees.
Restructured the University of Westminster website information architecture over a three month period to increase visits by 36 per cent
Achieved Google accreditation for AdWords Professionals
UX and interface design for the University of Westminster smartphone app in use by over 7500 students and staff
Aided the migration of the University of Westminster website over a six week period from Immediacy CMS to Squiz Matrix
Provided complete branding for Vitavia Ltd to help them launch in the UK over a four week period
Set up freelance web design company helping SMEs in the south-east of England
Launched a corporate website and intranet for MLM Consulting Engineers serving over 250 staff in multiple locations
Distinction in City and Guilds Web Design I and II
2:1 Business Information Technology

Tools of the trade

Every wizard needs a wand, and I'm no exception. I wouldn't be able to work my magic if it wasn't for these tools...

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Booking.yeah campaign could confuse users

March 4th, 2014

In such a competitive market as the hotel booking industry that relies on the usability of various web services, be they apps or responsive websites, I’m finding the new campaign
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